Guest Post: Check out the Peacock Spider!

23 May
Rainbow afro circus time! Maratus volans photo by Dr. Jurgen Otto

Rainbow afro circus time! Maratus volans photo by Dr. Jurgen Otto


Today, Tru wants to chat about a recent spider discovery:


Note: Information from Wikipedia article, Maratus volans.


If you see spiders which just aren’t that attractive or you’re just bored of, well this spider is NOT for you. This spider is called the Peacock (or gliding spider) or in Latin, Maratus volans. It is a species of jumping spider.

It is confined in Australia. Octavius Pickard-Cambridge (I think the discoverer) noted in his original description, “It is difficult to describe adequately the great beauty coloring of this spider” because it has a unusual trait of having flap-like extensions on its abdomen which rise upward to get ahold of the attention of the girl peacock. While approaching, the male vibrates and begins its groovy dance. If the female doesn’t like the male, she’ll eat him. They reach to about 5 mm in the length of the body. Maratus volans means “flying” in latin. There’s an urban myth that they can fly, but it’s not true.

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Article by: Truman Lindsey


(P.S.: Here’s the link to the amazing, unbelievable, indeed groovy dance of the peacock spider, as narrated by Dr. Jurgen Otto)


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