Why I Love Spiders

24 Apr

Spiders occupy a completely alien world that’s literally right under our noses. Anything you find out about spiders, from where they live to how they mate to how their bodies work, is bound to be astounding. Most people have surrounded themselves so thoroughly with ignorance and fear that they’re nowhere close to appreciating what marvels these small creatures are. And once you start seeing them as objects of endless interest, the excessive fear goes away. It really does—I’ve seen it in so many people.

Spiders are a window into one of the multiverses, if I can stretch the term, that we occupy. Contemplate some of the small animals going about their business, oblivious to us and harmless to us, and it gives a new depth to your human identity. Actually, I believe that’s true of bigger creatures, too, as well as humans we might think of as unlovable. Find the empathy to study and respect the lives of others, whether they’re spiders or homely stray cats or homely stray people, and it strengthens your bond with the world you were born into—and that will continue after you’re gone, for eons yet, hopefully filled with people who’ve cultivated the talent, and the gift, of cherishing their fellow animals.

A bit theoretical there, sorry. I love spiders because I love astounding facts and I enjoy breaking through misunderstandings. Spiders are weird and fun. And man, can they dance.

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