“The Great Big Hairy Spider”

21 Jun

A Musical Interlude (or: Raffi’s Nightmare)


C’mon, kids, sing along!

Ohhhhhhh …



[To the tune of “The Itsy-Bitsy Spider”]

The great big hairy spider

Leaped out and killed a bug

Sucked the corpse dry

And dropped it on the rug

Then it hunkered down

And laid a million eggs

And a million baby spiders

Came crawling up your legs!


Dad! It’s no fun without the puppets. Put down the glass of wine and do it right.

(Sigh) all right . . .


♬ Ohhhhhhh … ♫


“The great big hairy spider . . . “

” … leaped out and killed a bug”

“Sucked the corpse dry . . . “

“. . . and dropped it on the rug”

“Then it hunkered down . . . “

“. . . and laid a million eggs”

“And a million baby spiders . . . “

“. . . came crawling up your legs!”


OK, sleep tight!


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