Averse to the brown widow?

29 Oct

I’m told that my last posting, about the arrival of the brown widow spider in Southern California, was at least two lattes short of creative. So, to fix.





Glossy and brown

Upside down

Comes the chocolate widow to town


Fresh from the south

Fangs in her mouth

Preens in the moonlight while hanging around


New Latrodectus

Oh, Orkin, protect us!

Just kidding—she has a most timid prospectus


Toward people who tread

Past the woodpile or shed

In a bug-eating-bug world can’t even detect us


Bite like a bee

Likely to flee

Nothing to threaten your mortality


Snug in your planter

Oust her? You can’t. Her

Presence is likely indefinitely.


Actually, we’re more inclined to limericks.

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